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Oil Buyers' Scheme

Developed on the suggestion of a villager, nearly 50 households in the village are now involved in a bulk buying scheme with local central heating oil supplier, Oakleys Fuel Oils.

This scheme provides regular top-up deliveries in January, March, June, September and November (according to agreed individual schedules) at a specially discounted price tied to the Rotterdam oil market.

As well as benefiting from savings averaging 1.5 to 2.5 p/litre (more on smaller, normally higher-priced deliveries) residents have seen tanker movements through the village cut dramatically.

They have also had all the hassle and worry of delivery scheduling eliminated.

Anyone living in or close to the village can join the scheme at any time in the year.

For information, call Oakleys on 01952 684600 and ask for the Little Wenlock Top-Up Service.