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Neighbourhood Watch

Revitalised in 2004, the Little Wenlock Neighbourhood Watch team is co-ordinated by a village resident with local co-ordinators in key areas of the village as well as in New Works, Huntingdon, Coalmoor and the rural areas. Horse Watch is also incorporated into the scheme.

The group is involved in regular Borough-wide crime prevention activities and the Datalink emergency information scheme.

Contact - Jackie Whittle   01952 502354

Useful Advice

  • Display your Neighbourhood watch logo where it can be clearly seen.
  • Display your “No selling or buying at this door” sticker.
  • Think before opening your door. Are you expecting someone ? Do they have an appointment ? Ask for proof of identity. If they don’t have an appointment, tell them to wait outside while you ring their office to confirm their identity. If you are suspicious at all do not let them in. If you feel at risk ring the police on 999.
  • Don’t leave anything on display in your car, make sure doors are locked and windows closed. If your car does not have a security system, use a steering lock.
  • Keep your keys in a safe place, even in the house, so that they cannot be easily stolen
  • Mark your property with unique post-coded labels are available at £1.50 for 20.

Crime stoppers 0800 555 111

Police 08457 444 888

Local Contact - To be advised