Little Wenlock community

Little Wenlock community

We are the second highest village in Shropshire – the main settlement in a rural parish of some 550 people stretching from the western fringe of Telford to The Wrekin hill and the northern rim of the Ironbridge Gorge.

As well as being voted Shropshire Village of the Year in 2005, we went on to win the Western England Environmental Award in the national competition.

With just under 130 houses and a population of around 350, our village is small by local standards. Even though we no longer have a school, post office or village shop, we enjoy a wonderful community based around numerous groups, activities and events involving the vast majority of residents of all ages.

Our thriving community life is built around five main pillars:

An innovative Parish Council – one of the first in the county to earn Quality Status, working to a comprehensive 10-year Parish Plan developed through community-wide consultation to provide a growing range of facilities and services;

An active Village Hall & Playing Field Committee – involving all our many community groups, organising regular and occasional social activities, and responsible for funding and building a new village hall and children’s play area in the past five years.

An outward-looking Church Community – organising many social activities, supporting a children’s ward in a Ugandan hospital, raising funds for a number of charities, and responsible for a major recent church renovation.

A thriving Local Inn – providing a convivial meeting place, excellent evening and lunchtime food and a low-cost weekly locals’ night menu while hosting regular quiz nights and dominoes contests; and

A vast individual Volunteer Network – undertaking a huge variety of largely unseen activities and supporting everyone who needs it.

The great joy of our village is tremendous sense of community and belonging we enjoy, with everyone working together with and for each other. It’s something you can’t escape in Little Wenlock, and it remains our single greatest source of pride.


  1. admin Says:

    If you have a question, maybe about ancestors who have a connection to the village – this is a good place to ask.

  2. Eric Smedley Says:

    The Parish website states that the registers for St Lawrence church have been transcribed onto a computer searchable database.
    Could you please tell me how I can access this.
    My paternal grandmother’s family (Banks)lived in Little Wenlock from at least the 1790s, and into the 20th century. I intend to visit Little Wenlock in May to do further research into my family history, and the Parish Register database would be most helpful in planning my research.
    Many thanks for your help.

  3. Alan Lees Says:

    Hello Eric

    Sorry for the delay in responding to your query. I have in my possession a copy of registered Births, Marriages and Deaths in Little Wenlock from 1689 to present day. I will contact yourself separately to arrange for you to view the details.

    Best Regards

    Alan Lees (Website Editor)


    Hi I wonder if you could help me my 4xgt grandparents were married at little wenlock on 8/8/1802 he married Jane James she was christened on 2/1/1774 trouble is I can-not find a birth or baptisum for Richard so don’t really know if he was born there. Iwent to little Wenlock a few months ago a lovely village and found a grave still there with the name Jarvis who were relatives of Janes mother Ann Jarvis, I have the Jarvis,s back to 1677 but no sign of Richard Baker or any other Bakers in your village I will be very greatfull if you can help in any way
    regards Jackie


    sorry put Richards name instead of my own silly me

  6. Alan Lees Says:

    Dear Jackie

    Sorry for the delay with a reply to your request. I have a copy of village records for Baptisms, Marriages and Burials from 1689 to present day, and have looked for all references to Baker.

    Baptisms – None recorded

    Marriages – Hannah Baker 31.12.1798 married George Bradshaw
    Elizabeth Baker 25.06.1799 married Thomas Jones
    Richard Baker 08.08.1802 married Jane James
    Ann Baker 17.04.1817 married Edward Morris
    Harriet Baker 23.04.1893 married James Boycott
    Howard Baker 27.09.1987 married Marie Holmes

    Burials – None recorded

    Richard Baker must have been born and buried outside of the village.

    Ref Jane James Baptised 02.01.1774 Father Adam James Mother Ann
    Sister Mary baptised 06.10.1771
    Sister Sarah baptised 14.04.1776

    I also have a copy of the detailed inscription on the grave where many of the Jarvis family were buried

    If you wish to have more information you can contact me directly via “Contact Us” on our Little Wenlock website

    I hope that this has been of some assistance.

    Best Regards Alan Lees ( Website Editor )


  7. jackie jones Says:

    Hi Alan thank you so much for the info what a shame Richard wasn’t there he may have been born in madeley as all except 1 of his children were baptisted there seems funny that all those bakers were married at little wenlock but none were baptised there what was the nearest village in those days do you know? I would be intrested to see the copy of the inscription on the graves if possible thank you again
    best wishes

  8. Alan Lees Says:

    Hello Jackie

    The villages surrounding Little Wenlock during 16th Century and present day are :
    Horsehay, Dawley, Lawley, Madeley, Coalbrookdale, Ironbridge, Buildwas, Leighton, and Eaton Constantine.

    The grave inscription reads:

    In affectionate memory of Sarah Ann
    daughter of E A HARRIS and wife of
    John CETTI
    Born June 26th 1849
    Died Jan 7th 1886
    In affectionate memory of
    Edwin Alexander HARRIS
    Born 22nd Oct 1817
    Died 29th Nov 1891
    also Sarah wife of the above
    Born Dec 25th 1812
    Died Nov 18th 1892
    Sacred to the memory of Ann JARVIS
    who departed this life Nov 7th 183 (1or7)
    aged 75 years
    and of Jane JARVIS wife of
    Francis JARVIS who departed this life
    June 19th 1847 aged 58 years
    In memory of Ann JARVIS daughter of
    Francis and Ann JARVIS who died
    Feb 11th 1831 aged 16 years
    In memory of John JARVIS the son of
    John and Mary JARVIS who departed
    this life January 27th 1815 aged 63 years
    In memory of Richard JARVIS
    son of Francis and Jane JARVIS
    who died Jan 15th 1850 aged 32 years
    Francis JARVIS who died July ? 185? aged ?3 years

    I hope this information is of some help towards your researches

    Best Regards



    Hi Alan once again thank you so much for the information I hope to visit again one of these days
    best wishes


    Hi Alan, its me again sorry to be a pest but could you tell me if on the registers for the baker marriages there are any parents or witness names I am not sure what or if any information was on them in those days, we are working on the assumtion that at least two or three of those were Richards sisters and need somthing to link them together any help much appriceated
    best regards

  11. Alan Lees Says:

    Hello Jackie

    More info from the Little Wenlock records:

    Marriages –

    Hannah Baker 31.12.1798 married George Bradshaw Witness William Moore
    Elizabeth Baker 25.06.1799 married Thomas Jones Witness Anna Bratshall
    Richard Baker 08.08.1802 married Jane James Witness Edward Beach
    Ann Baker 17.04.1817 married Edward Morris Witness Ann Morris
    Harriet Baker 23.04.1893 married James Boycott Fathers Name Harry Barker, Hotel Keeper ( Could be mis spelling ) Witness John Boycott
    Howard Baker 27.09.1987 married Marie Holmes Fathers Name James Sydney Baker, Bank Manager Retd Witness C V Holmes

    Kind Regards Alan



  13. Paul Blakemore Says:

    Hello Alan ,

    I noticed from some of the comments on this site that the records of St Lawrence church are avaiable online.
    I’m researching my family history and I particularly am looking for information re the Blakemore family of Little Wenlock.
    The Family lived in Little Wenlock between 1851 & 1881.
    Do you know if the church database contains info on :

    John Blakemore (father)
    Martha Blakemore(mother)
    George B.
    William B.
    Clement St lawrence B.
    John E B. ( my GGGrandfather)
    Elizabeth B.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Paul Blakemore
    NSW Australia
    John E B.

  14. Alan Lees Says:


    Sorry for the delay in replying to your request, I have only just returned from visiting WA and New Zealand.

    There are several references from the St Lawrence Church records of the Blakemore family. Unfortunately these records are not on line. I have them on disc, but extracts cannot be attached to this reply.

    If you send your e mail address to http://www.littlewenlock.org, marked for my attention, I can then give a full reply via my personal e mail

    Best regards

    Alan Lees ( Website Editor )

  15. lynda harris Says:

    sowe are so lucky to have been offered a bungalow in little wenlock but although we want to be away from lots of ammenaties we ARE unsure what to do as there isnt even a shop or a pub at the moment but the village is so lovely can anyone tell me what should we do we have to make our mind up i

  16. Alan Lees Says:

    Hello Lynda

    We are pleased to hear that you have an offer for a bungalow in our village. It is difficult for me to advise you as to whether you should join our community, without knowing your exact circumstances.
    However, although we do not have shop, and we may or may not have a pub, being a little remote does have the advantage of a tranquil lifestyle in wonderful scenic surroundings. If you do not have personal transport, we have a limited bus service, and a “Twister Service”, which can enable travelling to Telford or Wellington. See website Facilities – Local Transport.
    Little Wenlock has a tremendous community spirit, illustrated when the village was awarded Shropshire Village of the Year in 2005. Our residents are very friendly and welcoming. A range of activities are available to suit all ages, and there are 14 clubs and groups that have their own page on our website, setting out when and where they meet, what type of activity and contact details. There are also several annual events, such as Open Gardens Weekend, Christmas Fair, Wenlock Wheeze, and Harvest Festival. We are very fortunate to have the use of a fabulous village hall, where many of our events and activities take place.
    No doubt you have had a look around our village, but if you wish to have further information you could contact either myself on 01952 503021 or our Parish Council Clerk John Marcham on 01952 505734.

    Cllr Alan Lees ( Website Editor )

  17. Steffy Says:

    Hi Alan.
    Wonderful website! could I possibly ask for a lookup of a marriage that took place at Little Wenlock please? The date is 18 September 1780 between Thomas Davies and Sarah Burch, any extra info would be extremely helpful!
    Many Thanks


  18. Alan Lees Says:

    Hi Steffy

    Yes the marriage of Thomas and Sarah is noted in the St Lawrence Church records.

    Additional info as recorded. Thomas’s profession – Labourer
    In the presence of Thomas Tranter and William Rogers
    Vicar – Thomas Edwardson

    There was a Thomas Davies baptised in Little Wenlock on Aug 9th 1752
    His fathers name was George, mother Sarah

    Sarah Burch was not born in this Parish

    There was a Thomas Davies buried here on May 11th 1793 – age not given
    There was a Sarah Davies buried here on April 22nd 1829 aged 58 – May not be the same Sarah

    Hope that this helps in some way

    Alan Lees (Website Editor)

  19. Victor Powell Says:

    Hi there !
    My partner and I have started to research my partners family by the name of Roberts. I have found a George Roberts born in 1815 in Little Wenlock but we would like to dig deeper into their history. Can you assist us in our quest. As we are visiting Little Wenlock from the 9th May perhaps you can suggest where we may be able to view the parish records etc. Sorry it’s such short notice.
    Many thanks
    Victor Powell

  20. Alan Lees Says:

    Hi Victor

    From the church records, there is a George Roberts baptised December 11th 1814.

    The Roberts family name have many references within the village as far back as 1731, and I believe that there are several living descendants resident here today.

    Please give me a call on 01952 503021 and we can discuss your requirements further.

    Best Regards Alan Lees ( Website Editor )

  21. John and Heather Cooke Says:

    On our first night in the villge in 1973 one of us went to the
    Huntsman with money for one pint and returned two hours later with a warm glow from many pints and the thought that we had made the right choice and that the Church Lane gutter was better than GPS. We have watched many landlords post Peter and Barbara struggle with Punch Taverns to make a living but now in a new financial situation it would seem we might get a viable pub, resturant and place to stay in the long term. We think this venture should get all our support.

  22. Alan Lees Says:


    HRH Prince of Wales has famously said that “The Pub is the Hub of a village”

    This sentiment is very true for Little Wenlock, and was demonstrated very graphically at an Open Meeting on 20th May 2010 held in the Village Hall to discuss plans for the future of “The Huntsman”. 200 residents attended the meeting illustrating the level of interest in the future of “The Huntsman”, where plans for the renovation were presented by the new owner Peter Morris. The main features of the renovation include a new restaurant, toilet, entrance, B&B accommodation, three houses to let, one further house for holiday let, and parking space for 26 vehicles.

    Reservations to the plans were expressed by individual residents, but on a show of hands, the proposals were given overwhelming support.

    This meeting will assist in clarification of the response the Parish Council will take when it meets to consider the planning application when it is submitted in the near future.

    Alan Lees

  23. Steffy Says:

    Hello Alan,
    Thank you so much for looking the marriage record up for me. Sorry it’s took so long to get back to you as my computer has had a rather nasty virus! No,Sarah Burch was born in Wellington but her parents were married at Little Wenlock on the 30 May 1757 and her mother Mary Jones born in 1733 was also from Little Wenlock. Would it be possible for you to look up these details also for me please?

    Best Wishes

  24. Alan Lees Says:

    Hello Steffy

    The records for Sarah’s parents wedding and the birth of Mary Jones are available from the church records.
    It is interesting to note that Mary may have had 21 siblings. Mary’s father Francis, and mother Elizabeth had 22 children between 1724 and 1771 !!!

    Since these records are quite numerous, it will be easier to pass on the information via e mail rather than through this website.

    If you send your e mail address to http://www.littlewenlock.org, “Contact Us” and marked for my attention, I can then give a full reply via my personal e mail.

    Best wishes


  25. Hugh Davies Says:

    Black Cat Raids Recycling

    This morning I was greeted to an unusual and upsetting sight in the garden. A soaked black furry body with a food tin for a head. The poor cat had raided our red box and got its head stuck.
    I managed to gently remove the can and the cat ran off without any obvious major injury or distress. It didn’t stay long enough for me to check for cuts etc.
    If the owners read this please could they post back to let us know how the cat is. In the mean time I’ll have to get some wood to make libs for the red boxes.


    Hugh & Lorraine

  26. Peter Norris Says:

    Hi, Congratulations on an excellent website. Like others I have come across the reference on the church pages to a computerised searchable transcript of Little Wenlock’s parish registers. I have a large number of relations baptised, married and buried at Little Wenlock, mainly from the New Works area and, as I live abroad, it would greatly assist my research to have access to this database. Is this something I can purchase from some source?
    Best wishes

  27. Alan Lees Says:

    Hello Peter

    Many thanks for your comments ref our website.

    If you send your e mail address to http://www.littlewenlock.org, “Contact Us” and marked for my attention, I can then provide more details via my personal e mail.

    Best wishes

    Alan Lees ( Website Editor )

  28. bob stanley Says:

    my ggggg grandfather,richard stanley was born in dawley magna 1757.parents were william stanley & ann bray,married in madeley 1753.is it possible that there was population movement between (say)little wenlock,madeley,dawley magna,sheriffhales or even newport? it could be that my ancestors hailed from little wenlock. e.g,william stanley & elinor/elianor/elenor/ellinor/eleanor ,it seems were the the parents of : edward 1706,mary 1708,william 1710,william (again)1711 ?,hannah 1713,richard 1716,martha 1718,william(again)1721, & john 1723. i am trying to find a possible link between william/elinor married c.1706, and william/ann married 1753.

    best regards.
    yelnats. (retired in norfolk

  29. Alan Lees Says:

    Hello Bob

    From the records I can find the following:

    Baptisms – 7 children born between 1706 and 1723 all with Father William Stanley, Mother Elinor ( several spellings )

    Marriages – John Stanley 18th Oct 1905 aged 48, resident Dawley

    Burials – 6 including William 1711 aged 3, and Hannah 1713 aged 9 months ( Children of William and Elinor.

    Best regards

    Alan Lees ( Website Editor )

  30. bob stanley Says:

    many thanks.i can maybe now get out of the cul-de-sac i’m in.
    probably going to shrewsbury records office and will pop over to
    little wenlock.
    i look forward to it.
    best regards,
    yelnats (still retired- still in norfolk.)

  31. Colin Roberts Says:

    I came across your site after discovering my grandfather was married in Little Wenlock church on April 30th 1919 His name was Ernest Roberts. I also see someone else has been looking for there ansestors of the same name.Would you have any more information about my grandfather from the parish records.

    I also found this entry on another web site.

    By 1330 there were two water mills: one at Little Wenlock, another, not recorded later, at ‘Haliwelle’ (perhaps near Holloway hays (fn. 11) in the north of the parish). (fn. 12) In 1727 a mill lay on Lyde brook. (fn. 13)

    In the 17th and 18th centuries the Roberts family were millers as undertenants or assigns of absentee lessees. (fn. 14) The Coalbrookdale Co. was lessee c. 1808 (fn. 15) but twenty years later the mill had gone, its place taken by a new steam corn mill at Horsehay. (fn. 16) John Clark held that mill in 1872 (fn. 17) but by 1882 it had apparently closed. (fn. 18)

    From: ‘Little Wenlock: Economic history’, A History of the County of Shropshire: Volume 11: Telford (1985), pp. 81-87. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=18079 Date accessed: 16 May 2012.

  32. Alan Lees Says:

    Dear Colin and all Family and Friends researchers

    Due to the increased level of enquiries on this blog for Family History information, this service has been withdrawn. Any future enquiries can be met by sending brief details (including contact address) to Little Wenlock website “Contact Us”. If requested, a copy CD of all Little Wenlock church records Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, including Headstone inscriptions) can be provided, enabling personal searches to be made. There will be a charge to cover expenses associated with producing and posting a CD.

    The records for the Roberts family are extensive, and include references to Ernest Roberts.

    Best regards

    Alan Lees ( Website Editor )

  33. Tricia Parnell Says:

    Hi Alan,

    I’m very interested in purchasing a copy of the Little Wenlock Church Records CD, as there will be mention to Chilton ancestors.
    What is the cost of the CD? And the cost of postage to Australia?
    Would you prefer payment via sterling cheque, or credit card?

    Many thanks
    Melbourne, Australia

  34. Alan Lees Says:

    Hello Tricia

    The records for the Chilton family are quite extensive. There are over 100 baptisms, 22 marriages, and 80 burials.

    If you send your e mail address to http://www.littlewenlock.org, “Contact Us” and marked for my attention, I can then provide more details via my personal e mail.

    Best wishes

    Alan Lees ( Website Editor )

  35. Colin Roberts Says:

    Hi Alan,
    I was hoping you would have some thing on my family the Roberts from church records although my great grandfather James Roberts who moved from Malpas area about 1890, was a methodist and lay preacher. They moved to Leasowes farm down the road towards coalbrookdale. and may have lived at Huntington. His son, my grandfather, Ernest married Daisey Norgrove from Upper coalmoor farm. Both the Roberts and the Norgroves had large families and Herbert & wifes grave stone is in St Oswalds church yard.
    Hope you can help
    Colin Roberts

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